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Vanguard VM-5500/VM-5600 Population Monitor for Seed and Liquid

Designed by farmers for farmers and packed with the features you need for today’s agriculture.
  • 7″ Color Touchscreen
  • 1-16 Row Monitoring (VM-5500)
  • 1 – 32 Row Monitoring (VM-5600)
  • Bar Graphs plus Dashboard View
  • Supports Visu-Flo Technology
  • Optional built-in GPS for speed
  • Adjustable Accumulating Time
  • RAM 1¼” Ball Mount
  • Supports RPM, VAC Sensors
  • English/Metric option
  • Alarm Logging
  • Shows acres and acres/hour
VM-5500/VM-5600 1-32 Row Population Monitor with Visu-Flo and on-board GPS option

The VM-5500/5600 provides graphical monitoring of seeding rates as well as liquid flow. Choose from either the bar graph screen or the dash board to monitor the operations of your planter or liquid applicator. Floating balls are a thing of the past with the Vanguard Visu-Flo System. Use radar speed input, external GPS, manual speed or enable the on-board Trimble GPS engine. The monitor has lift switch capability and can monitor up to two hopper level sensors. Inputs are also available for RPM sensors, vacuum sensors and downforce sensors.

VANGUARD Visu-Flo System

Replace those floating balls with the graphic color touchscreen monitor that does it all and much more! Designed by farmers for
farmers, the Vanguard Visu-Flo incorporates flow meters on each row to sense application rate.

Visu-Flo is available on the Vanguard VM-5200, VM-5500, VM-5600 and VM-5800 monitors. Choose from four different flow meters to match your application rate. Use the monitor as a seed monitor and to monitor flow at the same time, or use it as a flow monitor only if you already have seed monitoring. Harnessing is simple and easy to install. A bracket specially designed for the flow meters holds 8 meters in a cluster. Gang brackets together for additional meters.


VANGUARD Introduces new INSTA-POP feature on VM-5200-16  and VM-5200-36 Non-Pop monitors!

The VM-5200-16 will come standard with the EZ Convert harness that will connect to either a Deere style harness or a Dj style harness. In addition, the VM-5200-16 and VM-5200-36 will include the new Insta-Pop calculator screen that will convert Seeds/Sec to Population and GPM to GPA. Simply enter your row spacing and speed and instantly the monitor will tell you the indicated population or GPA. Dollar for dollar, the Vanguard Non-Pop series outperforms all other monitors on the market.

A complete tool box of diagnostic devices, a must for every farm shop and all service technicians.


The Vanguard Seed Simulator provides signals to most monitors and consoles to verify the ability to detect and monitor seed pulses. Simply connect to your monitor and power it up. Our simulator will generate pulses for 16 rows and the operator can check correct sensor voltage, row fail, all rows fail and row overplant. For population monitors, add the Radar Simulator for speed input.
The Vanguard SesrTest+ comes with a brand new feature, the ability to send a signal from the row harness to the monitor to simulate seed flow from the sensor point. Now, not only can you check the function of the seed sensor, but verify the harness all the way to the monitor.
The Radar Simulator not only provides a speed input for testing population monitors, but is a must-have tool for calibrating spray
controllers and other devices needing a continuous speed input.

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