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Moisture Testers

We carry calibration charts for most DICKEY-john testers and can answer specific questions… call us at (260) 375-2415.

Your moisture tester can be one of the most valuable or one of the most costly pieces of equipment on your farm.

A proper selection of the device is important. Hand-held testers are designed for sampling grain in the field or to get a quick idea of moisture. For the storage of large quantities of grain, a very accurate stationary model is required. Thousands of dollars, in fact, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of grain should not be entrusted to the cheapest tester you can buy.

Proper calibration is a must. Many of the newer machines can be calibrated to match an accurate elevator machine. Scales also play an important function on some testers and they need to be calibrated as well. Most of the elevator-style machines are self-calibrating and only need occasional factory service and maintenance.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, Does your tester test hot grain? All electronic testers are not accurate above about 110 degrees. University recommendations always call for the cooling of the grain sample before testing.

Most testers have specific requirements on the filling and testing process… follow those instructions carefully and remember to take multiple tests and average for an accurate sample. This is particularly important on freshly shelled wet corn because of the variation in moisture from one end of the ear to the other.